Fall, 2006, Volume 3, Number 2

Learning and Technology

Construction Training and Learning Objects: An Ethnography

Daniel P . Bohmer

Students' Perceptions of Electronic Portfolio Development in the Elementary Classroom

Sonja L. Fox

Graduation Test Review: Student Choice as an Indicator of Self-Efficacy

Robin P. Tillotson

Integrating Project-based Learning and Poetry Teaching

Meghann D. Hummel

Signs of Student Engagement During Hypertext Creation of a Project-Based Learning Artifact

Mary Ames C. Dean

Effectiveness of Using Read, Write & Type Tutorial Software to Increase Vocabulary of Kindergarten Children

Lauretta Kloer

How Would Using A Word Processing Program Affect Student Writing?

Albert Gresens

Effects of Social Skills Role Play for Emotional and Behavior Disordered Students

Leigh E. Davis

Effects of Using Project-Based Instruction in Increasing Student Achievement in Financial Literacy

Ashley Kell

WebQuest:  A Tool for Motivating High School Physical Science Students

Kristen P. Sabo

Identifying Gender Gaps in Learning Growth in Physics

Ethan I. Greenberg

A Critical Look at the “I CAN Learn” Computer Education Systems, Four Years Later...

Carl Kolodsky


School Technology Coordinators and Teachers

Teachers, Teaching Methods, and Whiteboards

Candi P. Chandler