Fall, 2005, Volume 2, Number 2

Learning and Technology

Can Technology Integration Processes Used in Project-Based Learning Promote 21st Century Skills and Student Achivement?

Melanie R. Argiro

The Effect of Computer Based Remediation on Chemistry Students Achievement as Measured by Benchmark Assessments

John W. Edgar

Effects of Communicative Technologies on Writing in High School

Holly M. Frilot

The Effects of Writing in Eigth Grade Science Classes to Increase Student Understanding

Mary J. Pirkle

Effect of Problem Posing on Eighth Grade Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Skills

Kathleen C. Traylor

Creativity, Flow, and the Training of Graduate Students in Design and Development Skills

Gregory Clinton and Lloyd P. Rieber


School Technology Coordinators and Teachers

Effects of an Online Grading System on Parent Involvement

Julia A. Osteen

The Effect of Adult Learning Focused Technology Training on Learning, Retention, and Attitude Towards Staff Development

James Stewart

Effects of an In-Service Program and Online Resource on Teachers’ Confidence Levels and Assistive Technology Requests

Wanda B. Taylor